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The 1997 American Cup. One question before we begin. WHERE ARE THE GOOD ROMANIANS!!!???

I know. The USAG bribed them, knowing the good Romanians (Marinescu does not qualify in that category) would steal the show. Well, it didn't work, as Elvire Teza won anyway.

Anyways, let's get right to my opinions.

Elvire Teza

OK, I still can't sleep at night because of her form. But her bars is very, very cool. I loved the beam routine, except the dismount. And the floor cheorography was beautiful. Thank heavens she won. We wouldn't want Atler's little head to get even bigger! (Or would we....)

Vanessa Atler

Her bars were horrific. I still can't watch them. On beam, she good has tumbling, but that about it. On floor.......please excuse me while I throw up.

Ji Liya

Nice power, but she really needs to improve her form. It's a desperate situation. I did like the floor exercise, I think she's always been great there.

Oksana Chusovitina

Yes! Chussy sticks around some more! I will always love her. She's even done some serious work on her artistry.

Alexandra Marinescu

She should be banned forever from the sport of gymanstics. Someone please stop her reign of terror, she's giving the Romanians a bad name! Extension, extension, extension! Please stay off the bars, Alexandra, you're the other person I can't watch on bars. And for heaven's sake, please torture us no more with your sophisticated wannabe dance! Someone just banish her to the Translyvanian Alps. Maybe Dracula will get her.

Kristen Maloney

Not too hot on bars.......that's all I will say.

Elena Savko

Let's change the subject........