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Well, the juniors showcased some talent, I was very happy ESPN showed them!

United States

I really, really liked Elise Ray. She was so elegant! I hope she does well at seniors in the future. I didn't like Christy Ray or Monique Chang very much, although Christy had incredible power.


My faves on this team were definetly Fan Wen and that other girl. I don't remember her name, Liang Yan or something like that. They were both very, very good. Lacking consistency and polish, but that will come with time. Wu Xioahua (or something like that) and Peng Sha also provided some great moments.


Somebody call Milo. If this is Romania's future, we need her! I really liked Andrea Raducan and Ramona Socarici, but the fact that Nicoletta Onel may be the future makes me shudder. She has great tricks with zero expression. Hopefully, Raducan and Socarici can overtake her soon, they are both two years younger! Also, Olimpia Popa provided some nice gymnastics.