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This was actually a meet I enjoyed watching. I think the Romaians pulled together very well, and because they are my favorites, I love seeing them win. :)


OK, bars wasn't a great showing for them. Beam was really much better, they just didn't show the great rouines. And floor was GREAT!!! I loved every floor routine they showed. Vault, as always was awesome. Romania really deserved this title.

United States

I didn't see very much vaulting, but what I saw was pretty good. Bars had a really nice routine by Shrieves, and also Dantzscher. Beam and floor were stock. I wish Chinese had hit floor, they would be second then.


China RULES the unevens! They always will. On beam, their extension on their leaps is beautiful. Except for some bad tumbling on floor and vault, the Chinese really impressed me this time around. I loved Chen Mi's floor, too bad she had problems with tumbling.