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Well Worlds will soon be upon us, as at the time I'm writing this, Romania has already left for Switzerland. (Yes, that is the sign that the parties have begun!)

Well in team I think Romania will kick butt. They're so superior to the rest of the world. (check out the ITA-UKR-ROM meet results) I'm hoping and praying that Russia will place second, and I'm betting on an interesting battle for third between Ukraine and China. France and the USA will fight for fourth and fifth. It'll be interesting to watch Belarus, Great Britain, Uzbekistan, and South Africa.

In all-around, I'm praying for Presecan. Maybe third. I think that Amanar will win, but I've never seen Karpenko, so who knows?

In vault, Amanar and Chusovitina should take home the top two spots. Maybe Mo Huilan will finish third, or the heavens might be kind and put Powell there.

In bars, the Chinese will take the top two spots. Also, Powell should do OK, she does need to upgrade her difficulty on her dismount, though.

On beam, I'm being an optimist and hoping that Dobrescu will for some reason be competing and win here. That probably won't happen, however, so I'll put my money on Mo Huilan here.

On floor, I'm saying another prayer for Presecan. Gina Gogean also could do well here. I've heard Kendall Beck is good here too, but I've never seen her, so I don't know. I hope Chusovitina wins a medal here.